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Carpet Cleaning

Our award-winning carpet cleaning service is at your disposal – you just have to give us a call!

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Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial carpet cleaning, we’re ready to tackle even the biggest projects

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Pet Odor and Stain Treatment

Are your pets causing issues with stains and unpleasant smells? Don’t worry – we have the solution

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Upholstery Cleaning

You have a wine or furry stained couch? We can take care of it with our extremely efficient upholstery cleaning service

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Everyone wants tiles that are bright and sparkly, and the best way to achieve that is to let us clean them for you

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

The process of cleaning an expensive oriental rug is a very delicate one and needs to be done by the professionals

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Air Duct Cleaning

Keeping the air ducts clean is of crucial importance when it comes to healthy living. We’ll be glad to give you a hand

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Hardwood Floor Services

We’ll give your hardwood floor a thorough, deep cleaning, making sure that it stays beautiful for a long time

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Water Damage Restoration

Our advanced methods of water damage restoring and repairing are unmatched – we’re far ahead of the competition

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you’re an owner of a business, you’re probably striving to make your company look clean and professional to both your employees and the potential clients. Your property certainly has some highly-trafficked areas within it, and you know that these areas can minimize the professional appearance of the whole firm. This, in turn, leads to a pretty adverse effect – if your potential client pays a visit to your company, he certainly won’t be impressed with the look of your dirty, worn, and heavily trafficked carpets. Nobody should judge the books by their covers, but that’s precisely what happens in most of the cases.

But all is not lost – we at Lawrenceville BCC have a solution! We’re quite aware of the effect that the dirty rugs could have on your employees and clients, and we can easily make them sparkling-clean again. We use only the tools of the highest quality – like the state-of-the-art shampooers and vacuums to efficiently clean the carpets and give them a look they deserve. We can also sanitize and deodorize them, in order to complement the renewed look with a fresh, clean smell that’s guaranteed to make you proud of your business.

Pet Odor Treatment

We all know the challenges that come together with owning a four-legged companion. Dogs and cats can be good companions and friends, but one needs to take care of their needs and clean up the mess that they sometimes leave behind. The pet owners can be quite embarrassed of the pet odors that occasionally appear in their homes, leaving the guests in disgust and making them want to leave as soon as possible. This is particularly problematic for the owners of multiple pets – they just don’t know what to do anymore!

Many of our workers are also pet owners, and they fully understand how big of an issue this can be. Everyone wants their homes to smell fresh and clean, even if there are some furry little friends inside of them. And that’s not something that’s impossible to achieve – we at Lawrenceville BCC have the will and the means to help you with this problem. Our skilled technicians are always ready to come to your home and give it a thorough sanitization and deodorization, quickly and efficiently removing the unpleasant pet odors from your house. The results are immediate and very successful – we’re simply unmatched when it comes to this type of work.

Upholstery Cleaning

Another common and high-in-demand service that we provide to our clients is the upholstery cleaning. As you know, both the offices and homes are almost always furnished with sofas, beds, couches, chairs, and rockers, and all of these things can easily become worn and dirty. They can also, unfortunately, absorb smells that are very unpleasant and highly unhealthy, and nobody wants that inside his home or the office.

If you have this issue, our skilled and dedicated workers will be glad to provide you with a solution. Our customized cleaning program is guaranteed to give your upholstery and furniture a look that it deserves! The shampooing and deodorizing products that we use are of the highest quality, and they are guaranteed to bring your upholstery back to life and give it a fresh new look. With just a single, quick treatment, we will revitalize your furniture and turn it into something that will make you proud.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

All those who own tile floors know the issues that come together with them. The grout between these tiles gets dirty-looking and darkened as the time goes by, and the same could be said for the tiles themselves. The reason behind this is the daily traffic that occurs on the tile floors of your kitchen and the bathroom – it is simply unavoidable.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Our trained specialists possess the knowledge to take care of this issue for you. They will bleach and clean your tiles with professionalism and care, making them look like they’ve just been installed. They will use expert-grade equipment in order to deliver the results that are guaranteed to leave you speechless – you just have to give us a call!

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Many people like to decorate their living space with oriental rugs – and who could blame them? These things look just fantastic, sporting a beautiful design and being certain to impress the guests. Unfortunately, unlike the regular carpets, the oriental rugs require special kind of cleaning, which is something that cannot be performed by just anyone. One needs appropriate equipment and specialized cleaners to achieve this and these things are expensive and hard to come by.

A better way would be to call our experts and let them do the job for you. Our employees recognize the extravagant and delicate presence of expensive oriental rugs and will provide them with a meticulous and detailed cleaning procedure. We take tremendous pride in our capability to make these sensitive carpets look like new – give us a call and see it yourself!

Air Duct Cleaning

The ductwork of your home can very easily become congested with dirt, whether you’re using it for heating or the air conditioning. And if this happens, you’re getting a real nest of airborne bacteria that will not only affect the performance of the cooling and heating systems but also present a risk for your health.

But, have no worries – our diverse range of professional cleaning services includes the air duct cleaning. Our workers are fully trained in this sector, and they can, while working within all the safety regulations and industry standards, perform an adequate cleaning procedure on your air ducts. This will not only enhance the performance of your heating and cooling systems but also remove the threat that the harmful bacteria pose to your health. Our air duct cleaning program has been recognized as one of the best in the region, and for a reason.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Floors of homes and offices are often heavily trafficked, which gradually brings the tear and wear to them. The matter is a bit more complicated when it comes to hardwood floors – scratches are quite noticeable on them, and people bringing snow and rain on their shoes cause them a lot of damage.

Luckily, our licensed and highly-trained floor technicians will be glad to take care of this issue for you. Using the most excellent floor products and state-of-the-art tools, they will give your hardwood floor a professional treatment and give it a fresh new look that it deserves. They will clean and refinish the whole surface with care and diligence, as they’re aware of the fact that these kinds of floors are a costly investment and something that the customers don’t want to see damaged.

Water Damage Restoration

In our experience, there aren’t many homeowners who haven’t encountered some kind of water damage in their life. Water can be particularly problematic for your carpets, as it damages them and allows mold to appear within them, and that can lead to serious health issues. The longer you postpone solving the problem, the more spores will be developed in your carpet.

At Lawrenceville Best Carpet Cleaning, we fully understand all kinds of health problems that can come together with water damage. This is precisely why we provide our workers with a unique training program that teaches them how to deal with water damage and enhances their existing skills. The water damage restoration is a walk in the park for them – they are experts in this field and can take care of this problem for you in no time. That’s what makes us far ahead of the competition!

In a world that’s filled with hardships, challenges, and frustration, extra stress certainly isn’t a thing that anyone would want. But that’s precisely what happens if you’re a homeowner or a business owner – there are many unescapable scenarios that could create concern and uncertainty. And since homes and offices are crucial to most people’s everyday lives, it’s of the highest importance to keep these places clean and tidy in order to keep one healthy and happy. Business owners also like to have their properties as clean as possible – not only because of their employees but because of the potential clients who won’t make a deal with people who don’t care about the appearance of their companies.

All workers of our company are homeowners themselves, which is precisely why we can guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction. Our employees recognize the importance of having a clean house, and the fact that people simply can’t feel healthy and happy in an environment that’s not clean, safe, and well-maintained. We’ve already built the reputation as one of the best cleaning firms in this part of the United States – everybody recognizes our name and the logo, and for a good reason.

It’s our goal to deliver the best cleaning services to all customers who need it. The thing that makes us your best choice is the combination of professionalism, affordable prices, and friendly staff, and these things are precisely what earned us the title of the best company of this type in Lawrenceville. For us, no job is too small or too big, since our workers are qualified, fully-trained, fully-licensed, insured, bonded, and certified, as well as confident that they can meet all personal requirements from our clients with ease.

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If you own a beautiful home or a successful business and are in need of professional carpet service, you should look no further than the Lawrenceville Best Carpet Cleaning. We also offer a range of services related to house cleaning, such as removal of the pet odor, air duct cleaning, water damage restoration, tile cleaning, and other services. With an overall increase in sales from one year to another, an increased customer service base, and increased sales leads, our company continues to deliver the best possible cleaning services to Lawrenceville and the entire surrounding area.

We’re aware that a company cannot grow and make a profit if it’s not advertised enough, and we sport a firm belief that the word of mouth is by far the best form of it. This is precisely why we strive to provide cleaning services of the highest quality, conducted by our employees who are well-trained experts and who know how to finish every project on time and with no hassle. The execution of our professional restoration and cleaning services has to be flawless – that’s our motto and the thing that we’re well-known for.

Reach out to our cleaning experts today and put all of your cleaning issues into the hands of our dedicated employees. We also offer a free consultation – don’t hesitate and give us a call!

What people are saying about Lawrenceville Best Carpet Cleaning

If the list of our extensive cleaning services hasn’t convinced you, maybe these satisfied customers will!

Unlike the workers of the big chain operations, the guys from Lawrenceville BCC actually cared about my problem. I’m pretty sure it’s them I’ll call again if the need arises.

George M.

Lawrenceville, GA

I’ve finally decided to give my beautiful carpets a thorough cleaning, so I called these guys to come over. They gave my rugs a special treatment, and now they look better than ever.

Jennifer R.

Suggar Hill, GA

The rooms of my house look and smell better than ever before. My carpet is still fresh, even though they cleaned it over two months ago. What can I say? These guys are the best!

Jason P.

Duluth, GA